Rājā Skull Ring

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Rājā, meaning King in Sanskrit, also meaning on the top.
You will feel like a king wearing this Ring !
It will impact your social life and confidence directly
Resist Being Average

Made from  .925 sterling silver.
Approximate Weight: 37g Silver + 2g Emerald

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The people have spoken! After an intense naming battle online, The Rājā Skull Ring has officially been christened, thank you to everyone who helped decide the name of our latest ring.

Rājā, meaning King in Sanskrit, is considered in as the one on the top of a kingdom, an emperor.

Rājā was named after a king who fought Nāgás which are snakes that may take human form, but according to ancient stories they are only vengeful to humans when they have been mistreated. 

The incredibly detailed King has been hand carved into wax by TGF designer Reino with the help of very strong magnifying glasses, a steady hand and a lot of talent. We think it’s one of our best pieces to date and hope you like it as much as we do!

Made from British hallmarked .925 sterling silver.

Height: 27mm
Width: 22mm
Approximate Weight: 37g +2g Emerald