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When you become Hotcart365’s affiliate we’ll give you special links that you can share through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , Reddit – any way you choose! You’ll earn income for every customer that buys from our Store for 60+ days after using your link. It is that simple.

HotCART365 Affiliate Benefits


As a hustler, some one who wants to make money online, some one who wants to improve their life style, hotCART365 Offer a variety of products that literally sell them selves, all you have to do is choose a product and show it to the right people,

when you join our program you will benefits of

  • Recurring 10% commission on the referred customer for up to 60+ days
  • Free with no Inventory Risk (no payment required, no stock to be held)
  • Consistent online payouts ( starting with as low as 5$ )
  • Easy and convenient tracking through our Dashboard

How The Program Works


  • When you become an affiliate you get access to the affiliate dashboard to generate special unique tracking link referring to the website , products, categories .
  • When we receive visitors through your affiliate link, we associate them with your affiliate account.
  • When they purchase a product, you get 10% commission!
  • You get paid again every time the client’s purchases another product.

Recurring Income


When you refer a customer to our store

  • We guarantee the satisfaction of the customer
  • We will analyse the behavior of the customer
  • We will collect the email of the customer for future sales
  • The customer will be added to our Up sell and Email marketing Campaigns

All of that means that the customer will most likely buy again,  and become a frequent buyer, And Guess what ! you will earn 10% of all the purchases made by the customer.

Last Month Earnings

Report Generated for : 1st February 2018 to 1st March 2018

  • Facebook Direct Referrals : $6302.32 paid to affiliates
  • Instagram Direct Referrals : $9326.18 paid to affiliates
  • Twitter Direct Referrals : $2736.89 paid to affiliates
  • Reddit Direct Refferrals : $3863.15 paid to affiliates
  • Payments by Returning Customers : $19365.58 paid to affiliates

Most Paid Affiliates:

  1. Ma******l : $2832.85  , Affiliate Age: 4 Months
  2. Le******e : $1789.32    , Affiliate Age: 2 Months
  3. Dr******e : $1236.12    , Affiliate Age: 2 Months